November 17, 2012


I think I left my heart with you in the summer.

I left it with you in your bed.

I left it smeared and bloody against all the walls you pushed me up against,

Ringing out into the black night like your missed calls at 3am.

I let it spasm, and slow, and die in the interminable silence which crept in when the leaves changed colour.

I want it back.

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May 22, 2012
"I don’t regret opening my heart up. It’s nice to know it’s possible.
I just wish he would stop being a victim of his past and realize I’m not those girls that hurt him.
I can’t heal him.
It’s boring waiting for someone to let you in. I’m tired of words and intentions. I want a life.
Deep breath. I love you. I’m moving on."

Meaghan Logic (via sincesheleft)

(via sincesheleft)

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